Royal Commission, George Pell’s superior moral compass and Abbott’s authenticity | Tuesday 13 November 2012

This is Australia. Today.

Well, it’s been a bit of a lot time between drinks for a frontpage post, but it’s definitely “interesting times” in the Chinese curse sort of way.

Speaking of drinks, I am currently drinking Pintail Pale Ale by Karl Strauss brewing co. This is by no means a sponsored post, just a recommendation (but if you want to send me free beer, please do). It’s a good APA and worth your time.

Royal Commission and George Pell

Cardinal George Pell said in his press conference today that he is glad to hear that we’re finally getting a Royal Commission into sexual abuse.

Wait, sorry? I’m sure he was saying in the Weekend Australian that he thought there was insufficient evidence evidence to justify one. Oh, that’s right, he’s glad that there’s a royal commission because

We think it’s an opportunity to help the victims, it’s an opportunity to clear the air, to separate fact from fiction [emphasis mine]

Pell’s biggest problem today was not necessarily the facts he had to work with (see here for Broken Rites’ up to date list of charged and alleged abusers) but his manner and attitude with regard to those facts. Pell made offhand apologies to victims under his breath, he took the conference as an opportunity to talk about how he felt the church had been smeared and he said the royal commission was an opportunity to set the facts straight about secular sexual abuse. His handlers were trying to quickly get him away to “another meeting” as he struggled to credibly answer some very good questions from the press pack.

Somewhere Alan Jones is pouring himself a champagne and raising a toast in Pell’s honour for taking the reigns as champion of the horrible press conference.

Despite all this Pell is making lemonade with the lemons that most people would probably like to fling at him and is apparently looking forward to the “facts” that will come from the Commission’s hearings. And he’s not alone – it’s the church’s official response.

Because while he many not be self aware enough to realise that public is not widely in support of the church’s handling of this issue – “I don’t think there is widespread cynicism [on this issue] from the general public” – he does realise upside here: ” this royal commission… doesn’t focus on us”. And there’s the rub.

Here’s my cartoon from yesterday’s Margaret Gee’s on the subject (click to enlarge):

Something light to stop you from killing yourself

Didn’t get enough schadenfreude from the Romney campaign accidentally posting his victory page online after the concession or hearing that Romney’s staff credit cards were cancelled minutes after the concession speech was delivered leaving aides stranded without cabs?

Well now you can watch Romney’s support disappear in REAL TIME! Disappearing Romney charts people the rate of  people unliking Romney’s campaign page. He’s still got 12,000,000 likes, so there’s still plenty of time to watch! “Bright eyes, full hearts…”

Speaking of (actually this is not light) the US election, while Obamacare was one of the major issues of the election, with rape also playing an unfortunately large role, it’s worth looking at the costs associated with an emergency room visit after somebody is raped in the US. Sobering.

Thank you universal healthcare.


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