Brough and the Slipper kettle | Thursday 13 December 2013

mal broughThis is my first cartoon back post accident. I have to say I was legitimately worried that I wouldn’t be able to draw again for a while, and if I could, that my fine motor skills wouldn’t be good enough to do it.

It may have been a stupid fear, I know other people have injuries and blah blah blah I’m a whinge, but my fingers really weren’t being used for the last week and a bit, and they’ve been really quite creaky (and still sore). They’re still slightly swollen, but they work goddamn it, they work!


Some of the motion still hurts, but in speaking to my surgeon yesterday he wants me to start spending time out of my sling each day and be fully out of it by Saturday. A week and a half healing time is the shortest period of healing for a break I’ve ever heard of, but I’m glad to be rid of it, even if I’m still quite sore.

I did do some left-handed sketches during the past week, which I have posted at my tumblr. I er, don’t think I’ll be doing it in the long run, but it was fun. I get your issues with the way writing works, left-handed people. I get it. Also, I’m used to drawing away from myself in a particular direction, and changing was very odd.

My brain has been very tired this week typing with my left hand (yes, wanking jokes abound). I went to this Leveson talk last night and live tweeted left handed on my iphone, and was surprisingly okay at it. I think I tweeted more detail and quicker than most of the other people there, so I probably need to spend less time on my phone.

Anyway. The main thing is I’m back. And I’m very glad I can draw again.

running slavoj


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