Finkelstein and Gillard continue to serve up the goods for Conroy | Tuesday March 19 2013

shit sandwiches


While I don’t doubt that he believes in what he’s selling, Conroy has been handed shit sandwich after shit sandwich in his portfolio to try and sell.

In that respect, he is actually very good at his job. The internet filter was a dog of a thing (and something I was opposed to categorically) and the media reform packages (despite public support and being backed by a government review that drew from a lot of recent research into consumer sentiment) are basically an invitation for the commercial media sector to light torches and head up the hill to your house. Y’know…

Image “courtesy” Daily Telegraph.

And he does alright, considering.

The only real exception is the NBN, which despite mouthing off by Turnbull basically sells itself. I guess it’s nice to have one gimme.



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