Gillard, Rudd and the Shorten Wheel (a little gif for our new PM) | Thursday 27 June 2013


Some short thoughts:

I think this was the right decision for the Labor party, but probably not a noble one.

We can talk about the fact that this was unfair, that Julia Gillard deserved to take the party to the election and was not given a fair run (and she wasn’t, by the party or the media), that Rudd ran interference the whole time.

But that’s probably a short memory look at what put her in the role in the first place.

Eva Cox’s analysis in the Conversation last night was I think correct – a move back to Rudd is again a step in the right direction away from factional leaders. And the unpleasant side of that is that he has been a right prick to get back there.

As Gillard herself said – some of the issues with how she was treated were down to gender (far too many), but some were not. She was marked harder because of her gender… and that, quite frankly, is utter bullshit.

Now we need to see Rudd actually put his money where his mealy mouth is – will he back same sex marriage as he did when he was not the PM? Will he pull back the “lurch to the right” on asylum seekers?

Probably not. But he will sell the economy better (as he can in a way Gillard never could), and the division which he led over the past three years will (necessarily) disappear.

And that will work with the electorate. Particularly those people who don’t care about politics the way those of us wonks who pay way too much attention to all this shit do.


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  1. Christopher Patterson

    1. The event in itself does not matter. Its meaning, its usefulness, is limited. It does not help our understanding of who we areor what we should do.
    2.The Causes and Consequences of the event do matter. They do not provide answers, but rather they provide clues as to what should be, as opposed to what is.
    3. Therefore, a true and proper analysis of the situation is to be found in the actions of the players of the given event. All else is noise.

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