SBY just doesn’t get it, it’s the media’s fault | Wednesday 20 November 2013

sby 2

“I want to express here in this chamber, my deep and sincere regret about the embarrassment to the President and to Indonesia that’s been caused by recent media reporting,” Mr Abbott said in a speech to Parliament on Wednesday evening.

Oh shit, I’m really sorry you FEEL THAT WAY Indonesia.


One comment

  1. T.Jacinta Fallon.

    OMG Wes, right from the start Bishop/Tone combo have been a diplomatic disaster,having insulted & underestimated Indonesia 3times publicly ,think this is just the last straw.As for the school yard tactic of gifting two armed, patrol boat to Sri Lanka,that was an obvious slite to Indonesia.These guys need to do some Homework on our nearest neighbour.Java is the most highly populated,per capitar anywhere on the planet;highly sophisticated ancient culture,enormously strong Military Regime [until Very recently] 40yrs .ago the policeman directing the traffic carried an M16,the Generals Rule still, I’ve seen some of their Palace retreats in the hills in the heart of Java. This Gov’t has No Idea who they are deally with or how Dangerous this situation is potentally.Scary Shit!

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