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#qanda and the question of the questions | Monday 11 March 2013

page 4It will likely be #qanda week on Huw Manatee. I am sorry friends. I am sorry. (I’m not sorry).



Meet Huw Manatee, ALP MP | Tuesday 5 March 2013

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Hello. This is something different.

I have been threatening to do something different for a while, and I wanted to do something that would still be political and relevant in perhaps this most political of years.

So this is Huw Manatee, ALP MP. The pun is stupid, but I think the story arc isn’t, and while it is currently black and white due to some technical issues I’m currently having, I’m hoping it will go full colour at some point.

The goal is to run Monday – Wednesday – Friday every week until the election.


Let me know what you think.