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Movember Mo Drawing Marathon

mo marathon

This Sunday (16 November) I will be doing a 10 hour (10am – 8pm) drawing marathon for Movember.

I’m not a big fan of the humble moustache, so I don’t plan to cultivate one of the little beasts on my face during this wonderful month of charitable facial hair.

BUT, I would like to support one of the charities that is very close to my heart in the way I know best – by drawing a whole hell of a lot.

Here’s the deal: if you donate $20 to Beyond Blue before or on Sunday via this Everyday Hero page, I will draw a picture of you, by hand and on paper, with a moustache style of your choosing.

You can provide a picture beforehand or we can work out a timetable on the day for walk-ups!

Important: You don’t have to be there on the day! All ‘stached cartoons will be photographed and posted both on the Facebook event wall and on twitter.

I am capping the number of people I will draw to 100 people (for the sake of my surely someday to be arthritic hands), and I will be setting up a desk and chair at Edinburgh Gardens for 10 hours (10am – 8pm) on Sunday 16 November to draw them all.

This is probably a stupid idea, but please help me to raise a whole shit tonne of money for charity.

Facebook event page:

And now, some FAQs:

1) Do I have to physically be there?

No! In fact, originally it wasn’t going to be a destination/physical event thing. You can send me a photo of your choice and email/DM/post on this wall your donation receipt and I will include you. Having some ready to do at the start of the day will be better and allow me to plan (and still cap it at 100).
All pictures will be photographed on the day and posted to the event wall

2) So 10 hours, 100 drawings, that’s one every 6 minutes. You’re charging $20 in 6 minute increments? What are you, a lawyer?

I am not qualified to practice law, no. However as your lawyer, I’d advise you to not look a gift horse in the mouth (I think it’s something to do with the teeth?) and realise that the main point of this is to raise money for charity. I assure you the drawing will be worth the sense of joy you will also get by donating (and that can be offset in your tax).

3) Can I donate to another charity?

Short answer? No. I realise there was some controversy with Jeff Kennett being a douchenozzle about LGBTI issues some time ago (and he’s not my favourite person at the best of times), but I believe as an organisation they’ve tried to distance themselves from the chairman’s comments and settled the associated issues with regard to his comments in the past few years. Long answer? Maybe, I guess. But talk to me about it first, because why… y’know?

4) What if it’s cold/raining?

The forecast looks sketchy, I’ll grant you that. I’ll be there anyway.

5) Where’s “there”?

In Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia. Where exactly? I’ll tell you on the day. Probably under at least one tree.

6) Can we come and hang out?

Sure bring coffee/beer/good tidings for me and my kin.

Tony’s Jackpot and At The Movies | Wednesday 17 September 2014


This one is from Monday, on the announcement of 600+ Australian troops and our F/A 18 Superhornets heading to Iraq in support of a new US-led coalition against IS. I am posting more and more of these on twitter and at the Facebook page – so follow either of these for the most up to date stuff. I’m posting more quick ones like the one below during the day on weekdays now.

marg and david

This one went up yesterday, on the announcement that Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton will be retiring from At The Movies at the end of this year.