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“Get a good job,” Joe Hockey on housing affordability | Wednesday 10 June 2015

hockey gearing


Auction this day: the Commission of Audit | Friday 2 May 2014


commission of audit

Just a quick one for today.

If you’re looking for a good summary of the Commission of Audit’s recommendations, you could do worse than Bernard Keane at Crikey’s piece from yesterday afternoon.

Ben Eltham’s piece for the Guardian on why the report was always going to look like this is also a fantastic read.

Brave King Clive and the foul Green Army | Thursday 24 April 2014

King Clive

This one seems to have been swallowed up by a depressing news week. Oh well, at least you have pictures of me playing a ukelele now.

I will be up in/on/at Crikey from about 1pm this arvo with another toon, this one on the F35 (Joint Strike Fighter) acquisition…

Cory Bernardi looks backward | Monday 6 January 2013

Australian Gothic

Yes, Cory Bernardi has written a book. And lo he has written that we must actively turn back progress in the hope of becoming a morally upright country once more; to save us for those pro-death abortion lovers that would feed us to the dogs.

Sweet Jesus. Oh, wait, that’s what Cory is saying.

UPDATE: There are some fantastic “early reviews” of Bernardi’s book up at Amazon right now.

Holden blasts through Hockey’s bluff | Wednesday 11 December 2013

Holden - smallIt’s one mean game of poker.

I’m also selling the B/W ink original of this picture – it’s on stiff watercolour paper and is $50. It’s for no other reason except that it’s the date 11/12/13 (which seems a bit magic) and I’m currently drawing on some really nice stock.

It would make a nice Christmas present for fans of bull-fighting, Holdens or Joe Hockey gaffes… and is on sale at the This is Australia Today shop here.